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Enjoy your privacy with TorVPN. Unlimited speed, uncensored internet access from anywhere.

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  • Hide my IP address with VPN
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TorVPN is the right VPN for you

"Hide my IP address"

Hide your IP address from websites, surf the web anonymously. Make it seem like you are connecting from the other part of the planet. Connect through either of our VPN servers and exit in a different country.

"Facebook is blocked"

Bypass restrictions, create uncensored internet anywhere. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, file sharing, adult sites will all work as soon as you are connected. When you have TorVPN, no sites can be blocked.

"I use P2P / Torrent"

Hide torrent traffic from your ISP or local network administrator. This torrent VPN will shield your connection. No more threatening letters sent to your ISP.

"Internet based calls?"

Enable internet based phone calls like Skype and VoIP with ease. Many providers have overpriced phone call contracts and block internet telephony. TorVPN has low latency servers to give you great sound quality.

"Geo-blocked video sites"

Watch streaming and video sites: Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Youtube. This VPN has servers that are fast enough to stream HD content. A good VPN is essential to have at hand for anyone.

"In Wi-Fi we trust"

Connecting to a hotspot under the control of hackers can be dangerous. If you ever use public Wi-Fi, your data may be eavesdropped on, and your computer infected. Protect your Wi-Fi with TorVPN.

"I use a smartphone"

TorVPN is compatible with iPhone, Android, your PC, and many routers. Windows, Linux, MacOS are all supported. With OpenVPN TCP+UDP, PPTP and SSH protocols available, you can't go wrong.

"How to use it?"

There is no problem if you are new to this. We have guides, tutorials, screenshots, videos and step-by-step instructions. Our support is helpful and quick to solve any problems.

"I need it right now"

Instant activation means that you will be using the VPN in minutes. There are no contracts, we have flexible packages from as low as $0. Your privacy is in safe hands with TorVPN.

List of our services and features

Secure VPN
Internal Network
SSH Tunnelling
Socks Proxy
Dedicated IP
Shared IP
Transparent TOR
Access .onion
P2P File Sharing
Control Panel
Prepaid VPN
Fast VPN
Free VPN
Reliable VPN
Cheap VPN
Bitcoin VPN

Free VPN service

TorVPN offers free VPN service and intends to introduce a big audience on the internet to privacy protection. Depending on actual site usage and other variables, you are likely to be eligible for free access. At any given time, a generous number of slots are reserved on TorVPN servers to provide free access.

VPN packages

New registrations are currently suspended.

We will return sometime in 2021. Thanks for your patience.

  • Free VPN
  • £ 0
  • Valid for 7 days
  • Unlimited speed
  • Choose 1 server
  • One open session
  • OpenVPN + PPTP
  • SSH Tunnel
  • Not guaranteed
  • Possible time limits
  • 2 GB traffic
  • Get Free VPN
  • Cheap VPN
  • £ 0.50
  • Valid for 15 days
  • Unlimited speed
  • Choose 1 server
  • 2 sessions
  • OpenVPN + PPTP
  • SSH Tunnel
  • Always eligible
  • No time limit
  • 5 GB traffic
  • Order Cheap VPN
  • Custom VPN
  • Varies
  • Valid for months
  • Unlimited speed
  • servers
  • sessions
  • OpenVPN + PPTP
  • SSH Tunnel
  • Always eligible
  • No time limit
  • GB traffic
  • Pro VPN
  • £ 1.90
  • Valid for 30 days
  • Unlimited speed
  • Choose 2 servers
  • 2 sessions
  • OpenVPN + PPTP
  • SSH Tunnel
  • Always eligible
  • No time limit
  • 60 GB traffic
  • Order Pro VPN
  • Silver VPN
  • £ 5.50
  • Valid for 90 days
  • Unlimited speed
  • All basic servers
  • 3 sessions
  • OpenVPN + PPTP
  • SSH Tunnel
  • Always eligible
  • No time limit
  • 100 GB traffic
  • Order Silver VPN
  • Gold VPN
  • £ 19.90
  • Valid for 1 year
  • Unlimited speed
  • All basic servers
  • 4 sessions
  • OpenVPN + PPTP
  • SSH Tunnel
  • Always eligible
  • No time limit
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Order Gold VPN
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