PPTP is an alternative method of creating a VPN connection to TorVPN.

Most operating systems support it without the need to install software. However, OpenVPN is more reliable and secure.

To use PPTP, create a new VPN connection and give it the server's hostname, your service username and password.

PPTP connection on Windows

(1) Open the Control Panel

Open the start menu and click 'Control Panel'. Then click on 'Network and sharing center'.

Windows Control Panel

(2) Set up a new connection

Windows network

(3) Choose 'Connect to workplace'

Connect to (PPTP) workplace

(4) Use the internet connection

Use my connection

(5) Server address and name

Provide hostname of the server you'd like to connect to. You may pick any name for the connection.

PPTP VPN server address

(6) Supply the username & password

PPTP username and password

(7) Click 'Connect'

Connect to PPTP server

PPTP on Linux Ubuntu

(1) Create new connection

Find the networking icon (up&down arrows) in your menu bar. Click on 'VPN connections', then 'Configure VPN'. Click 'Add' in the window that comes up.

Add network connection in Linux Ubuntu

(2) Select the connection type

Choose 'Point-to-Point Tunnelling Protocol (PPTP)' from the dropdown.

PPTP VPN connection type in Ubuntu

(3) Fill in the details

Supply the server's hostname, your service username and the password. Click the 'Advanced' button when you are done.

Edit Ubuntu PPTP VPN

(4) Enable encryption

In the advanced settings window, enable MPPE encryption. Save the connection, and it's done.

Turn on PPTP MPPE encryption