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Software you may need

Name OS Link Size MD5 Checksum
OpenVPN (2.3.9) Win7+ (64 bit) openvpn-install-2.3.9-I601-x86_64.exe 1,822,368 221f30636b60bd8d0801b7df37625fc5
OpenVPN (2.3.9) Win7+ (32 bit) openvpn-install-2.3.9-I601-i686.exe 1,720,104 727cf10ba7bc5a5b99b46ca8f3733005
OpenVPN (2.3.7) Win7+ (64 bit) openvpn-install-2.3.7-I601-x86_64.exe 1,801,984 f18a25a1198e7628b884e0fbb717695f
OpenVPN (2.3.7) Win7+ (32 bit) openvpn-install-2.3.7-I601-i686.exe 1,701,624 d050c2f2c67d2d7be6be91d8a23f0d81
OpenVPN (2.3.7) Win XP (64 bit) openvpn-install-2.3.7-I001-x86_64.exe 1,814,976 9af824317a6d591d80f2fe6ce0b635e3
OpenVPN (2.3.7) Win XP (32 bit) openvpn-install-2.3.7-I001-i686.exe 1,715,600 a049ee9d3187d51ccc00b105d777e011
PuTTY (0.64) Windows putty.exe 524,288 f9120481520d8202fa0a02dfdb575ba7

Not sure which one to download?

If you're using Windows, most likely you need the first one in the list.
It works on Windows Vista/7/8/10, 64 bit version.

Using Linux Ubuntu or Debian?

No need to download anything from here.
Just type apt-get install openvpn in the terminal as root.
You can also use the software package manager.

Need VPN for your Android phone?

You can install OpenVPN from Google Play.

Can't use OpenVPN for some reason?

No problem, you can still use PPTP.
No download is required for PPTP, it's built-in.
It works on Windows, Linux, MacOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.

Download OpenVPN config files on the control panel